TrainerMD®: Competitive & Partner Advantage

A Preventive Health IT Company

TrainerMD® is a cloud-based software as a service company, for the health, fitness, nutrition and wellness markets.

Competitive and Partner Advantage

SGS Performance Partners and TrainerMD® recruited a specialized team of advisors and industry leaders who will keep on top of market trends, compliance, capabilities, and more. Talent and comprehensive research is critical in developing consumer preferred solutions. It will require years of research, development and out-of-the-box thinking for competitors to compete with TrainerMD® operational innovations and know-how in this new space as well as battle workforce gaps such as within cybersecurity, mobile technologies, and interconnected solutions.

TrainerMD® is SGS Performance Partner’s strategic Wellness partner bringing with them a specialized

team of industry leaders in health, fitness, nutrition and advanced technology, to the table. Being ahead of the rest of the Wellness Industry with delivering Predictive Intelligence, paired with SGS Performance Partners ABLE division’s expertise in supporting the resources for funding, and boots on the ground implementation/utilization expertise, we have a strategy like no other.

The Problem

Consumers, physicians, clinicians, trainers and other health & wellness professionals have little or no access to evidence based, day-to-day lifestyle data. Primary care physicians are the quarterbacks of the medical team and trainers are the quarterbacks of the fitness and wellness teams, yet neither develops health/wellness plans factoring in detailed evidence-based nutrition, fitness or behavioral data. This vital information can often take months and several meetings just to be brought together to better help the client/patient. As well, the lack of big data, poor efficiency, and gaps in the healthcare system have resulted in 1 in 3 becoming pre-diabetic or diabetic and 1 in 2 managing 1 or more chronic health conditions. Existing technology lacks the ability for consumers and health professionals to effectively collaborate, manage or share vital health data with all stakeholders in real-time while integrating mobile and emerging technology.

The Solution

TrainerMD® has developed the first HIPAA compliant intelligent Health Management System (iHMS) for individuals and organizations to better communicate, collaborate, monitor and manage evidence-based health, fitness, nutrition and wellness data, in real-time. The key to our solution is the ability to integrate and aggregate data from medical, sports devices, mobile apps, and other solutions within a single cloud-based and compliant platform. With TrainerMD® solutions, organizations will for the first time, know and drive their population’s health, fitness, nutrition and wellness, in real-time!