Oil & Gas, Pipeline

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry is one of the world’s largest industries. Its revenues are large, as well as the costs of providing consumers with the energy they need. Companies spend billions of dollars annually to maintain and increase their oil and gas production. Challenged with a great amount of risk and uncertainty, companies have to focus on the future to ensure success.

As the world’s population grows, the demand for energy increases. Large projects are needed to keep up with demand, however there are performance challenges in addition to cost. Projects have to start on time and perform to expectation.

SGS Performance Partners’ expertise in project management, acceleration of milestone achievement, and tactile/behavioral execution methodologies are critical value generating attributes that provide the Oil and Gas industry a trusted partner to achieve their critical strategies. Additionally, our experience in pre/post merger work with significant integration experience, serves this industry well.


Energy pipelines (oil, natural gas, gasoline, and chemicals) play an integral part in the world’s economy. Pipeline companies usually do not own the products they are transporting. They are simply intermediaries that move the product from the producers and shippers to the marketplace. The global demand for energy resources is resulting in a substantial increase in pipeline delivery projects.

At SGS Performance Partners we have the experience in implementing project management operating models that focus on reducing the cost and improving the quality of new construction and integrity programs. An effecting operating model will align departments and positions, costs, schedules, vendors and execution to an organization’s strategic intent. Not until you have all of these elements in working harmony will you be able to effectively manage the outputs.