Power and Utilities

The global utilities market is facing disruption and fundamental changes that are transforming the industry business model. Regulation is making it very hard for these companies to achieve their short and mid-term goals adding to the uncertainty, along with consumers, technology and market forces like new sources of fossil fuel supply.

The regulation is heavy and the Governments are looking to new ways of providing Energy to their communities from renewable sources and at cheaper prices. The incumbent Utilities are forced to provide the service at capped prices.

The new business models are able to use technologies such as Smart Grid to distribute Energy to smaller communities. Generation and consumption are becoming more local and more sustainable. Solar, water, wind and tidal are some of the new ways of capturing renewable energy.

SGS Performance Partners, with expertise in the energy and complimentary industries, provides Power and Utility companies across the globe with tangible solutions to industry challenges in power generation, customer service, distribution and maintenance, as well as optimize operational performance with both tactical and behavior-driven solutions. Our experienced team can help existing and new market entrants accelerate operational models while we help them reduce unnecessary operating costs. Our behavioral and labor optimization expertise can help transform performance to its optimum levels.