Maturity/Capability Model


Stage 1


Stage 2

Functional Focus

Stage 3


Stage 4

Process Optimization

Key Attributes

• Firefighters highly regarded

• Concern about just getting the job done

• Informal and highly reactive management

• No formal resource management processes

• Limited process metrics and targets

• Individual learnings not captured in process

• Focus is on survival or financial turnaround

• Unclear accountabilities

• Difficult to coordinate

• Functional Politics

• Fundamental resource mgmt practices

• Limited teamwork

• Adherence to processes vary widely

• Resource allocation is difficult

• Difficult to learn from failed projects/efforts for fear of blame

• Current performance is difficult to measure

• Local/regional accountability

• Value Stream Model, strong project/process mgmt

• Overall processes integrate all functions

• Local production cells

• Cross-functional teams focused on process performance

• Results focus w/ continuous improvement

• Process targets routinely set/ measured

• Process evaluated regularly and updated

• Rudimentary Lean Tools

• Lean Principles and Process is engrained in culture

• Priorities set within context of value stream demand pipeline

• Process is “owned” by all who use it

• Process targets set based on world-class levels

• Annual improvement of 10% to 15% in all major metrics routinely planned

• P&L and Org controls for value stream and optimization

Required Efforts

• Stabilize processes

• Work planning, resource management

• Core resource mgmt principles

• Functional effectiveness

• Foundation metrics

• Centers of Excellence

• Continuous process improvement tools

• Process baselines and measures

• Resource mgmt disciplines

• Process ownership

• Improvements to Flow

• Lean foundation

• Team based continuous improvement

• Problem solving and learning environment

• Resource mgmt optimization

• Supplier partnerships

• Full Lean mindset

• Cust focused and balanced process metrics

• Aggressive continuous improvement

• Continuous perf benchmarking