Economic cycles have challenged mining companies, across the entire spectrum of the industry, with the risk of over running construction costs; labor costs, and availability of skilled labor; fluctuating currencies; supplies and consumables; equipment and parts; sovereign risk; and of course, supply and demand.

Successful mining companies look to influence the external environment and work to control their internal ones by achieving productivity gains and optimizing assets to either increase saleable output with the same resources and/or reduce operating and capital costs; either way to reduce and manage the cost per unit output produced or sold.

SGS Performance Partners helps our clients design and implement end to end performance improvement programs that accelerate optimal business unit performance (maintenance, operations, construction, etc) as well as asset utilization and effective supply chain management. We understand the current complexities of this industry with falling commodity prices and rising costs and have expert resources to implement your most important strategic missions. We not only implement and create your expected strategic value, but transfer our methodology for sustainable results.