Managing accelerated change is vital in the Telecommunications Industry. Over the past decade, companies are forced to reorganize due to deregulation, competition, customer’s needs, and technology advances. Adapting to leaner and smarter operating models is the only chance for survival in this market. Core business units have to remain in operation at their full potential while the companies decipher how to take part in evolving markets.

The growth comes from new services and upgrades of existing customers onto new services. Streaming music and media as well as the increase of data has given operators business model extensions.

Mergers and Acquisitions continue to preoccupy the Telco Sector.

SGS Performance Partners provides tangible solutions surrounding improvements in customer experience and retention; profit margins; supply chain; and operational productivity. In addition, our expertise has been instrumental in achieving growth strategies whether involving mergers and acquisitions, new/emerging market penetration or enhanced existing front-end sales processes.