Executive Alignment

Objective: Align the organization’s top leadership team to a “Leadership Roadmap” and the behaviors necessary to fulfill it

executive alignmentConfirm / Develop organizational Mission, Vision, Strategies and Values

  • Ensure shared meaning and consensus
  • Refine as needed

Establish the High Performance Top Executive Team Characteristics Model as the Executive Team Future State

  • Team self-assessment vs. the Model characteristics
  • Agree on performance targets vs. the Model rating scale
  • Gap identification and closure
  • Coaching of the team and 1:1 coaching of team members, until targets are reached

Define SMART* Top-Level Business Goals / KPIs (or refine existing)

  • The 5-8 highest priority goals for the next 6 to 18 months
    • * Specific, Measureable, Ambitious, Realistic, Time-Based

Design and implement a new / enhanced Steering Committee Business Performance Review Meeting

  • Develop scorecards that track and trend actual performance vs. the targets