Private Equity

The Private Equity Industry really got started in the 80’s with about 6 Funds worth a billion dollars or greater. In the 90’s the industry moved into Europe; Asia in the 2000’s, and the latest trend for the industry is investments in Latin America.

Today, globally, there are over 500 Funds that have over a billion dollars in assets. This is a very important piece of the economy with an estimation of over 8 million people employed by companies controlled by Private Equity in the United States alone. PE is a young industry that is evolving into a focus on more specialized funds (regional funds, real estate funds, energy funds, infrastructure, etc.).

SGS Performance Partners works with Private Equity organizations and their respective portfolio companies to improve performance in line with their targets/expectations and drive accelerated EBITDA. Our experience in many diverse industries allows us to bring to the forefront practical, accelerated, sustainable solutions and tangible results to the bottom line. Much of our work has been at the right hand of the portfolio company CEO, driving their specific strategic imperatives to the benefit of the portfolio company as well as the Private Equity organization.