Insurers around the world have been planning for new regulatory and competitive challenges. SGS Performance Partners works with clients to implement these changes and to execute their plans quickly and sustainably.

Insurance companies have taken more than their fair share of devastating blows in the last decade. Major investment losses resulting from market turmoil in 2008 and a rise in catastrophic losses, continue to exact a heavy toll. And with the significant regulatory changes, along with continued market uncertainty and changing customer demographics, it is hard to predict the future.

SGS Performance Partners works with insurers in every region to quickly adapt to the evolving market. We work side by side with our clients to develop and execute strategies that help insurers become more competitive in this dynamic landscape.

Cost Management: Companies can help stretch capital through meticulous execution of everyday disciplines of productivity, effective process management and lower administrative costs.

Sales Force: Companies that successfully monitor and nurture the health of their customer relationships are always more profitable. The new industry regulations require insurers to look at which products to sell, what premiums to charge to cover (catastrophic) risks, and how to market to “new business. We have deep expertise working with both captive and non-captive sales forces and bring solutions to their respective unique needs/traits.

In this ever changing environment, insurance companies cannot afford to take on their challenges as if they were isolated from one another. Today everything’s connected, from technology to ensuring positive customer experience. That’s where SGS Performance Partners can assist. We bring every aspect of your business into focus - together.