The Automotive industry still has the lingering effects of the recession which has significantly altered the condition of the Auto Manufacturing industry since 2008. Despite 5 years of suspended research, plant closures, reduced employment and government bailouts, industry profit is expected to progress upward as consumer spending increases and companies shift toward greener vehicles.

This tough and changing environment is concerned with regulation, consumer reluctance to invest in new vehicles, rapid advancements in technology, and strict guidelines with emissions and recycling. Consumers are educated and more aware of the ‘greener options’ when it comes to choosing a new vehicle.

Auto manufacturers that can best handle the complexity of global presence in growth markets can choose the most effective partnerships, and can develop the most relevant technologies and green solutions with efficiency will be best positioned for success.

SGS Performance Partners can help you plot the path forward, assess your options, and recalibrate your needs and responsibilities. We start with the answer and work back to address and align the organisation. With our help the issues become clear and more importantly, so do the answers.

Our automotive professionals are ready to help you advance. From operational and supply chain strategies to expanding in emerging markets, our global team of industry professionals have deep industry experience and knowledge in automotive product development, manufacturing, supply chain and sourcing.